Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I. P. R. U.

Katy and I were commenting today that it's funny  how much time we spend with our brothers and how much we talk to them, despite the fact that only William speaks much English and we certainly don't know Hindi.  I guess you can play in any language though.  Last week, when Ely was very upset with us, we looked up how to say "I love you" in Hindi. That proved to be too difficult to say, so we just took the word "love," which is "piyar."  We mixed it with English to say "I piyar you."  The boys definitely got it and loved the Hinglish.  So then they were writing all over their hands and our hands "I.P.R.U." It's now become kind of our phrase that we say back and forth to each other.

While we were in Delhi, we went to a larger grocery store and found Prego pasta sauce and some noodles, so we decided to make it for them last week before we left for Jaipur.  We weren't sure if they would like it, because it wasn't spicy at all, and Indians like all things spicy.  Either way, we were kind of happy to have something familiar.  So Katy and Rikke slaved in the kitchen to make the pasta, and I made Chappatti mixed with onions and garlic to kind of substitute for garlic bread.  We have helped with dinner before, but never that much.  It certainly gave us more appreciation for the work Sharlini does! I don't know if I've ever sweat so much. The results were mixed, mostly good though.  Sharlini didn't like the pasta, Gill said she doesn't like Western food.  Ely wasn't crazy about the sauce but he did like the noodles.  The rest of the family liked it and said we would have to make it again.  We tried to look for pasta sauce in Jaipur, but couldn't find a large enough grocery store.  We also want to make chicken tacos or fajitas for them.  We think that would be a good dish since it has some spice to it. 

Jaipur was a great trip overall.  The hotel was a lot more low key than where we stayed in Delhi, but it had A/C, which is all we can ask for.  We loved the "pink city" (Jaipur) also! We spent Saturday morning at Amber Fort, and could've probably spent all day there.  It was so fun to explore-the rooms and hallways just went on forever.  We wanted to play hide and seek in them, but would've certainly gotten lost.  Afterwards our Tuk-Tuk driver took us to a place where we could do elephant riding for cheaper.  So Katy, Rikke, Telma, and I rode elephants for about $8/person.  THEN, he took us to ride camels for about  $6.50/person.  I don't think you can even get into the zoo for that cheap in the States.  The tuk-tuk driver was so great.  He spoke English well, and stayed with us all day as our tour guide/driver/photographer and only charged us 400 Rupees total.  We tipped him about 100% on top of that.  He also took us to a textile factory and gem factory to get things specially made for us that cost much less than they would've anywhere else.  My favorite purchase was a silver ring that they cut for me in the shape of India, to add to my Africa ring! If only I had more fingers for all the countries I want rings of.

Teaching is up and down everyday.  We've at least gotten to a point where we aren't as concerned about having a "lesson plan" every day.  A lot of the teaching comes in just talking with the kids.  We're learning a lot too, I think.

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  1. Again, everything sounds amazing! I hope each day is filled with new adventures! Miss you so much,