Saturday, June 11, 2011

Learning my name

                                              New Delhi at night.

We're still in Delhi, our last day here. The hotel has been so fun, a good break and some comfort for us. It's good to have balance so we don't get exhausted or burnt out or anything. I love all the staff here too. They are so friendly, like genuinely friendly. I am sure part of it is that it is a nice hotel, so guests expect to be greeted and taken very good care of, but most everyone of them has asked us all about our travels here, why we're here, how long, etc. A lot of them have been in the States too, so then we get to talk to them about studying there or what they do. It makes it feel very personal and welcoming.

We definitely have not enough time to see Delhi though, so we will have to come back. I haven't seen any of the sights here, like the Lotus Temple or Humyun's Tomb. Yesterday we did do a walk through Old Delhi through an organization for the street kids of India. We got to see what street life is like and learned a lot about the street kids. Our guide was a former street kid that had been helped through the shelter house/program that puts on the tours. It was so interesting to hear his story...not to be tacky or cliche, but it was like Slumdog Millionaire in real life.

Back at the hotel we also made friends with a big group of Polish Engineers who are here on business. They were a little crazy, but fun to talk to. They also told me how to correctly say my last name. I already forgot though--I like the easier American version where I don't have to spit in someone's face when I say it. Oh and we were by the pool, so they were in speedos the whole time.

Our friend Gregory.
Oh Europeans and their Speedos.

We made Malibu and Pineapple--Hallie and Dustin have taught me well!

Katy and I on the Terrace with New Delhi behind us.
The whole gang. It was a beautiful evening.

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